Class: Digital Photography 101

Do you have a 'fancy camera' but it's not giving you the great photos you thought it would? Well, the camera doesn't do ALL the work on its own! When I bought my first camera, I browsed through the manual but I still couldn't quite understand what I was reading. So, I asked for help. I needed someone to help explain things to me face-to-face in order for it to sink in.

If you are:

  • A momma who wants to learn how to take better photos of her kids
  • A lover of photos who has a desire to become a photographer
  • A little familiar with your dslr camera but could use some help
  • Interested in learning the basics of digital photography
  • A hands-on learner eager to get a better understanding of your digital slr

Then this class is for you! Join me for a day of fun and education as we tackle your questions together. We will go over all of the basics of your digital camera to help you learn how to take those pretty pictures. Whether you're wanting to capture the everyday moments with your kids or turn a hobby into a photography business, if you are needing hands-on learning & help, let's do this!

Things we will cover in class:

Camera Settings




Basic Editing

& More!


When: Saturday March 19, 2022 10am-2pm

Where: MEP Studio, Lexington KY

Cost: $125

Lunch & snacks will be provided