Let's try out this blog thing...

Blogging has never really been my thing. It takes me FOREVER to think of a simple Instagram caption, so write out an entire blog post? No, thank you.

BUT, what better way for y'all to get to know me a little better and for me to share more of my favorite images from sessions with you than a blog?

So, as I give this blog thing a shot, here is just a little bit of info about Me:

  • I am a pastor's wife! My husband, Dusty, is the High School Pastor at our church (Southland Christian Church) and we really are so grateful to get to do what we do for our jobs!
  • We have 3 kiddos-Emerson & Riley are twins and Adalynn is our 1 year old baby. Believe me, I know and understand chaos and life with crazy kids! So when you may think your kids are being wild at a session, It's probably not bothering me in the slightest!
  • Fall is my FAVORITE season
  • I thought a 'cast iron skillet' was 'iron cast skillet' until about a year ago....whoops
  • A honey-vanilla latte is one of my love languages
  • Acts of Service is my other (actual) love language
  • After the kids are in bed, you can usually find me cuddled up with my hubby watching Hulu or Netflix...most likely it's a Chicago show (Chicago Fire, PD or Med), Criminal Minds or Brooklyn Nine-Nine. If it's just me, I probably have on Grey's Anatomy or This is Us. Ok that makes it sound like I watch TV all the time...

So there you go. Just a little 'get to know the photographer' info for fun. Thanks for sticking around & joining me on this adventure!