Styling for sessions

It can be one of the most stressful parts of a session for clients....figuring out what to wear. For some people, styling comes easy and they love the art of piecing colors, patterns and layers together. For others, it is just straight up overwhelming. The clothes you choose can add so much beauty and emotion to the images we capture.

As we head into Fall photos, I wanted to give you a couple little tips about styling for your session and hopefully it will make things a little easier on you! When I started browsing Pinterest, I found a few styling boards that some other photographers had put together that are great examples of ways to style your family for your session, so take a look at those and then check out my tips below!


1.Mom should feel beautiful!

I always suggest picking Mom's outfit and then building the rest from there. Make sure it's something you can move in and sit in without any undergarments showing and make sure it is something that you feel beautiful in!

2.Layers & Accessories

Layers & a few accessories are always good! Don't put everyone in a brimmed hat, but 1 person is fun! Add in pieces like a beanie, layer outfits with a duster or a sweater, vests, fringe & belts. Add texture to things like tights or ruffle tops on knee high socks.

3.Patterns & Textures

Adding patterns & textures along with layers gives depth to the photo. Stick to just one or two patterns that compliment each another, or mix up the textures of your outfits!

4.Colors & Tones to wear & to avoid

Earth tones are always a good go-to, as is natural white or cream vs. a pure white.

Chambray blue is a great option instead of royal blue, navy or sky blue.

Colors I LOVE for Fall: cream, tan, mustard, rust orange, burgundy.

Avoid neons and bright shades of colors.

5.The Details

  • Don't forget to think about the shoes-they finish off the outfit!
  • Lipstick on Mom is a great way to add a little pop of color and definition to your photos.
  • Make sure you have cut off your tags & peeled off stickers before putting on the clothes! (Seriously...we just had photos taken a few weeks ago and realized a few minutes in that Dusty still had a tag under his armpit! WHOOPS!)
  • If you have small kids, try their outfit on them a few days before your session so you see how it fits and they can get used to how it feels. If you have a child like my Em, anything even slightly itchy and she will be ripping it off! You don't want a fight over the outfit right before you leave the house!
  • Lastly, have fun! No matter what happens during our session, just enjoy being there with your family & that will show in your photos.

I hope these tips are helpful! If you book a session with me & need help styling, let me know! I can send you a link to an awesome styling service I use or help you find outfits that will work great for your family!


*Fall Style Boards found on Pinterest by Shelbi Lauren Photography & Shaunie Sullivan Photography