I'm Back!

Y'all. I can't being to tell you how good it feels being back to work! It was actually a really good break during quarantine. I got to put my phone and my computer away for large chunks of time and just be with my kids. I didn't realize how much I needed that break.

At the same time, I have LOVED getting my camera back in my hands and photographing clients again! Before I started booking, I texted my friend Marci one day and asked if she and her kiddos might be up for being models for me that evening...thankfully, she said yes to my last-minute ask! I wanted to get a little practice at a social-distanced photo shoot and I have to say, I loved the results!

I adore capturing the realness of families, not just the posed photos of everyone smiling at the camera. Here are some of my favorites from our modeling session!

Also, this beautiful spot is literally beside Marci's house. How amazing is that?!?